F3aa–OnLINE is a comprehensive resource for all architectural outsourcing requirements.

The key people behind the firm have creditably established their very successful interior design documentation venture catering to some of the world’s top design firms as outsourcing partners in their small-to-massive renowned and featured international interior design projects across the world.

The experienced team has diversified into architectural design and documentation services for partnering their existing as well as newer clients to provide a one-stop solution for all design documentation needs.

F3aa–OnLINE team comprise highly experienced architects, designers, visualizers alongside a dedicated team of support personnel. This highly motivated team uses latest in technology and infrastructure to deliver upon its commitment of efficient, timely and accurate design interpretation-cum-documentation services – and perform as a truly, extended partner to international design firms located across the world.

We currently offer the following services:

  • Architectural Concept Drawings
  • Architectural Design Development Drawings
  • Architectural Construction Drawings
  • Architectural Computer-Generated Imagery

Additionally, outstation international firms can consider our credentials and infrastructure for design representation needs in their India projects.


To know more about us and how we can be part of your extended project team, do get in touch with us at contact@f3aa-online.com